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Snoopy is Adopted!

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Snoopy - ADOPTED!

Posted Oct 03, 2010
Snoopy is a neutered, male Beagle looking for a fantastic new home. He is microchipped and is current on vaccinations. Despite starting his life chained in a back yard this sweet boy has kept his happy disposition. He does well with other dogs, cats and children

Beagles do require a Beagle-savvy owner and a potential adopter should be aware that Snoopy should not be considered for an off leash hiking companion. He does love leashed adventures though and requires daily exercise. Like many Beagles he will need a fenced yard that is Beagle proofed. Beagles can be escape artists, diggers and will often bay when left outside unattended. On the flip side, they love their people, have eyes that will melt any soul, and are always up for an adventure w/their "pack."

Snoopy is bright and is making up for lost time by learning his manners very quickly. He is very trainable and has never been a difficult student.

If you would like to meet Snoopy or would like further information please Contact Bonney at: 406-728-2454 or you can email us using our Contact page and we will pass your request along.

Wobs is Adopted!


Wobs came to us about 5 months ago hungry and sick. Although it was obvious she had some disabilities on arrival (she is mildly affected with cerebellar hypoplasia and she is deaf) she bounced back quickly and was soon showing her true colors.

She is a very playful young cat and loves all cat toys known to mankind. Wobs is a friendly and confident cat and enjoys the company of people. Although she is not super snuggly she does enjoy lap time and will actively watch the television.

Unfortunately Wobs is not friendly towards other cats. Despite trying to slowly introduce her to the residents cats she never learned to tolerate them and would actively pursue and attack them. I am sure her disabilities make her feel vulnerable. She does, however, seem to be okay with cat friendly dogs.

Wobs is now about 11 months old and is spayed and fully vaccinated. She is healthy and full of life and is looking for a wonderful home that will appreciate her many attributes. If you only want one cat in your life and would like to share your life with one of the coolest cats around please contact the Humane Society of Western MT at 406-549-3934 or  Or you can contact MT Dog Ranch directly at 406-327-7996 or by the email address shown on our Contact page.

Teddy is Adopted!

Teddy - ADOPTED!

Teddy, a 1.5 year male neutered GSD, came to the MT Dog Ranch from the Humane Society of Western MT as a foster. He had some resource guarding and basic training issues that needed to be addressed before he could be adopted.

Teddy came from a life spent at the end of a chain and had not learned much about interacting with people in his life. Despite his less than ideal start, he proved to be a sweet and somewhat goofy young dog. Although no one had ever required much from Teddy he learned his basics and was soon sitting, laying down and waiting on cue.

After a month of behavior modification for his food bowl guarding Teddy was deemed ready for adoption. You can view his response to people taking his food bowl here

Teddy was lucky and after 6 weeks at the MT Dog Ranch he found a great new home. His adopters even drove all the way from Bozeman to pick him up. Teddy left the shelter in style in the back of a PT Cruiser complete with flames!

His adopters report he is settling in and doing well. He is learning the new routine and is especially excited about the pond in the back yard.